Card of the Week: Concrete Crush

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Concrete Crush

Concrete Crush is sometimes regarded as one of the best cards in the game, and I can’t disagree that it is pretty powerful. I recall many times where my opponent had one in their first turn, and I can say that 4 damage right off the bat can be hard to recover from. Not only that, but most of your bread and butter cards in your deck are going to have 2 color tabs on them, so you can keep building combos. 2 Damage is still a decent amount to get hit by each time.

There are some ways around a crazy concrete crush player though. They mainly rely on react cards and one color tab cards. Even better is a react card with one color tab! Plant Body (from Swampy’s deck) and Molten Body (From Heatblasts) can really shut down a concrete crush heavy player. Not only do those cards only have one tab, but they heal one, stopping your opponent from doing much damage at all!

Enough with trying to stop concrete crush, there are many reasons to play it. Mainly you have the possibility of doing massive damage to your opponent. If you can string 2 of these cards together while your opponent is on their powerbase, you may have taken the game. 8 Damage in one turn is nearly impossible to recode from, unless they can destroy your combo path. Being able to pull that off however, might just need a custom deck.

I wonder if anyone else knows of any tactics and ideas I might have missed. Let me know in the comments!


Which Powerbase is your favorite?

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Vote for your favorite, and then tell us why in the comments!

Custom Deck Building Extravaganza!!

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While we designed the default decks to be pretty amazing on their own, if you have more than one deck, you can mix and match cards to make a stronger deck. People who have custom decks might have a bit of an advantage over people who don’t because you have many more options to choose from, and options are the key to winning, but a better player will always beat someone with better cards. So let’s check out how we can make a killer deck.

Assess Your Cards – Unfortunately, if you only have a single deck, the only customization you are going to be able to do is change out Power Bases. Don’t sweat it too much, there is a coupon for our online store if you want to pick up another deck and start building new ones. If you have multiple decks, then go ahead and find the cards you might want to use in the decks. This can be cards you think are powerful, or ones you just like the effects of. You want it to be fun, so pick the cards you like playing.

Decide on a Powerbase – Your Powerbase is going to be your fighting style, and will often be the most powerful card in the deck. Most of your building strategy will build off of this, so pick one you really like. I am a fan of  A Gift From My Father, one of Heatblasts Powerbases that allows you to draw more cards. Keep in mind what your chosen Powerbase does, and how it might relate to other cards and combos you can come up with for this deck.

Construct a Deck – Start putting together cards you would like to see in play, remember though damage cards are how you are going to win the game, so use your more powerful ones. The best tip I can give, would be to try and remove a color tab completely from your custom deck. That way you will be more likely to be able to make combos every single turn, and who doesn’t want that?

This is also the step where you decide which combos will make the cut and which ones you don’t really want. If you don’t have a lot of Reacts in your deck, you may want to leave a card like Absorb Strength out of it. A well rounded deck will help you the most, so consider some of the following:

  • Strong Damage Cards
  • The ability to Heal
  • The ability to pull a card from your Discard Pile
  • The ability to Break an opponents card
  • React cards that help your deck out
  • Power ups that are relevant

Follow the Rules – While there are a lot of combinations, there are still some rules to custom deck building.

  1. Your deck must be 30 cardz + 1 Power Base
  2. You may not have more than four 2 Damage cardz, for a total of 14 Attack Cardz
  3. 6 React cardz, though 2 of them must be Energy Snares
  4. 8 Powerup Cardz, though you must have 1 of each of the folowing: Activate Omnitrix, Omnitrix Reboot and Alien DNA
  5. Then add 2 more cardz of your choice, except for 2 Damage cardz and Powerbases

This should have given you a great start to building useful and fun custom decks. There are hundreds of combinations you can use. Let us know of any strategies you use to build a good deck, and post them in the comments. Then get online and show us!

See you on the Battle Matrix!

Now Play Webcardz Absolutely Free!

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Play Ben 10: Alien Force Webcardz for FREE at!

Play Ben 10: Alien Force Webcardz for FREE at!

Love Webcardz?  Have friends that love Ben 10: Alien Force?  Maybe you haven’t gotten your deck just yet?  —  Whatever the reason, the Webcardz FREE trial is available to you!

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Now you can play your friends online or try out a Kevin deck for yourself completely free!  Plus, at the end of your trial, all of your wins, badges, and achievements will be saved for you and available again once you get your deck!

Have Fun!

Card Of The Week: Light My Fire

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Everyone loves damage cards.  They are the most straight-forward method to put your opponent away.  But as any experienced Webcardz player will tell you, you can not underestimate the power of Reacts!  Take control of the game and make your opponent question his every step with Light My Fire.

LMF is my favorite React Card.  Not only does it respond to 3 affinities, but it allows you to flip ANY of your opponent’s cards (not just Attack Cards like Energy Snare).  This is one of the best cards to put an end to your opponent’s menacing combo.

How do you use your reacts? gives WebCardz a positive review!

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I would reccomend checking out the review over here, and also check out ToyLegion in gerneral, they have a some cool stuff up, and hey, they dig WebCardz too, so they cant be all that bad! 😉

Card of the Week: Outgrowth

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Quickly Branch Out!

This weeks card is Outgrowth, one of Swampfires signature moves. It does one damage and then allows you to play another card from your hand. The two color tabs are wonderful for putting somewhere in the middle of your combo. Outgrowth is great for building out your matrix quickly, but be careful! Every card that you put out is one of your life points too, so by playing extra cards, you may be helping your Battle Matrix, but you will also be helping your opponent reduce your draw pile. With that said, Outgrowth can be a tremendous asset to your deck if you play just one in your combo path, which means each turn you get to add another card to the end of your combo. It is also a great card to toss into another deck, just to give it a little bit of quick expansion. Beware of using it in combination with other Outgrowths and any of the other cards that help Swampfire build quickly. What are your thoughts on Outgrowth and how do you use it?